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Garage Cleanup Parts - BNE - Rear Brakes, Control Arms, Wheel Well (2Str 260z)

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Cleaning up my garage in BNE. Parts surplus to my requirements. Car is a 1976 260Z 2-Seater.

See attached image.

-Rust Free Wheel Well - Spot Drilled Out - But was hacked at the fuel tank mount (not me - sorry anyway) - Good base suitable for resto

- Rear drum brake assemblies - Need a rebuild

- A set of Black Dragon Automotive Steering Rack Boots

- What look like 280zx front lower ball joints?

- A hood latch that was the wrong way for my car.

- Some other random bits and pieces.


Bottle of Capitan Morgan's takes the lot, first come first served, pick up in 4078. 


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