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Reassembly help- engine cross member to chassis bolts


Can anyone help me identify the grade of bolt for fastening the engine crossmember to the chassis rails on a 260Z?
Part no. 5 & 6 in the copied image.
#5 Bolt - M10 x 1.25     Pt No. 08134-02510
#6 Nut - Ditto                 Pt No. 08911-24010
What I am trying to work out is if the bolt head has a "7" or "9" signifying tensile strength.
When you get a bunch of fasteners back from plating, it takes a bit to sort out what goes where.

S30-090-01 Front Suspension.JPG

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Thanks. Will reattach tomorrow with the right"9"  bolts.
I have also had to deal with mixed up fasteners 4, 7 and 9's across the whole build.
How you find the car may not be how it was built with a mix up of metric coarse and fine as well.

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