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JDM Car Parts - Jay Ataka

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G'day guys,


I just fell across this site by accident.  I'm probably the last person in the world to find it, but just in case I'm not I thought I would share it.

They seem to have some really 'dinky' parts for our cars that I have not seen advertised anywhere else.  They also seem expensive for some things (a 240Z ashtray for US$998 is enough to make you give up smoking - nearly)


Anyway, enjoy



Admins: If I've put this in the wrong spot, please move it.  Maybe a single locked post with any/all similar sites posted??

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The site is run by Jay Ataka, who charges premium prices for hard to find NOS parts. I'm guessing the Ashtray is NOS at that price?

The problem with reproduction Ashtray's is that they are made from bakelite (originals), which is also why they shatter when dropped and crack in half. So nobody has made a "good enough" reproduction or faithful reproduction yet. The lid's are a different story.

If I thought I could get $998 USD for each of mine I wouldn't have sold 4 to Lindsay at Zshop :).

I believe bakelite is also a fire retardant plastic, hence it's use as an Ashtray.

Funny but if you had a NOS ashtray, probably the last thing you'd want to do with it is stub out your ciggie. :D

I wish I could claim I had that much global influence.

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