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Coil Springs For Sale/give Away.

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I have three pairs of springs that came with my car.

One pair of King KDFL-04. These were on my car. Have gone for standard springs. We have tested these and they are 170 lb/inch with 280mm free length.


One pair of black springs. These are about 5mm bigger in overall diameter than the King springs. 170 lb/inch with 320 free length. One end on each look like it has been cut. I don't know what they are off.

The standard spring locating plate that goes at the top fits this mystery pair of springs.

I would like $30 for the Kings and the other two are free if someone wants them.

I live near Newcastle NSW so there would be postage.

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Red springs have gone to a good home.

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Hello everyone,

            Just to let you know all the springs have now gone to good homes.

Thanks to all.

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