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Rust Repair Panels 240Z/260Z

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Have noticed this guy advertising before. Also says he does restoration work.


Does anyone here know of him or used his services?


Link to his add


That's Van, Nice guy. I haven't used his services but I've met his son who is a nice guy too. He restored a 2+2 with his son a little while ago. It was purple, turbocharged running triple webbers (I believe). 

Honestly I didn't think it was restored that well, was certainly nice but there were lots of little things missed.

I was going to buy a lower rear 1/4 repair section off him but haven't had the money recently, might give it a go myself. Comparing him to Mark Scoota Kelava up in Ballarat his work is very expensive and probably not quite as good, seems like he hasn't been working on S30s as long and as such he misses things that others may not (this is just going off the resto of the purple 260z and my experiences with him). 


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