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Ppg Deltron Paint

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Hey guys,

I am a painter by trade and got all this paint to do my z but ended up going red instead of orange...

So I have

4x 1lt d792 bright orange babe coat

1lt d707 moly orange direct gloss

1lt d710 bright orange direct gloss

1lt d841 medium hardener (free with direct gloss paint)


Was going to use the 2 direct gloss paints as a base coat to seal the primer then the 4lts of bright orange as the top colour. These are high quality paints used by top end panel shops around the world

$50 per litre or the lot for $250

Base coat is mixed 50/50 with medium thinner

Direct gloss mixed 3-1-1 paint-hardener-thinner

I will post pics tomorrow

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