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Excursion To Canberra War Memorial 25Th Feb 2018

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Via club mail (refer below).




 Your club members are invited to attend . We are forming a convoy @ Casula Crossroads Hotel - plan to leave @ 8.30am or you can go directly - convoy will arrive at approx. 11.00AM .
Kind regards,
Ray Marsh
Secretary Z Car Club of Sydney

re: extra info. It is a pretty flexible cruise - if any of your members wish to attend & make it an overnight stay they will have to book their accommodation independently - As Z car members will be doing.


Hi Zedders,
The first official excursion for 2018 – The Canberra War Memorial 25th February
Options :
  1. Meet at the Crossroads Hotel at Casula as part of a Z Car Club convoy – will be aiming to leave by 8.30AM
  2. Go directly to the War Memorial yourself – convoy will arrive around 11.00AM
  3. Make reservations in advance and stay overnight .
There is no official booking – You have the choice of the following :
  • Poppy’s Café
  • The Terrace
  • The Landing Place Café
  • Outpost Café.
All available on the War Memorial site.
The 2018 Calendar is currently a work in progress and the executive will be working through the suggestions for excursions. Note : the Club tries to have excursions at different points of the compass, say South, West & North to make the excursions more accessible to different members.

Canberra - Tours of the War Memorial.pdf

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Final reminder:


Hi Zedders ,


This should be a great excursion - everyone welcome - members & guests


Meet @ Crossroads Hotel @ Casula to join the convoy ( intending to leave by 8.30AM)


OR go directly to Canberra (Convoy will arrive around 11.00AM)


Completely flexible day - 4 different Cafes onsite - leave Canberra when you want to.





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Looks like a good outing.  Enjoy it those who are able to attend !

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Big accident on the Hume Highway I'm stuck in traffic so hopefully they're not caught in it.

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