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twoforty z

For Sale: Early 240Z Coat Hanger Knobs

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I was looking for early coat hanger knobs as the ones in my 71 240z have gone missing and i came across these.

They are almost identical to original items, 19mm round and 12.5mm high, made from 316 stainless. These are not sold as 240z coat hanger knobs but im pretty sure it's what other people are selling as reproduction items.


I was wondering who else might be interested in a pair before i order some for myself?


They will be supplied with the correct screws and initial estimates are $40 a pair posted


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Ok these have arrived and look very nice, I have a limited number so first in best dressed (literally because your clothes will be hung up during your travels not lying in your boot) I have also seen these referred to as seat belt hooks?

I will be supplying these with stainless screws to match.

Price is $45 a pair, with screws posted within Australia

First 2 pics are the product im supplying, other is an OEM part.

I should have a side by side comparison photo of my product and an original by early next week


Pm me if you'd like a set and ill give you payment details





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Only have a few of these left.

Here are some comparison photos with the original on the left, and the ones i have on the right




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