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2 Seater Roof Turret / Skin Available.

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Hopefully the pictures are explanatory, the roof has had someone oxy weld at the rear (quite skillfully) and hardly any distortion, so would only need slight skim of filler (currently has surface rust making it hard to photograph the exact repair line). The other sections will need a bit more work (rear edge etc..), but at least are at the edges and unlikely to cause distortion.


I am after $500 for it.


Can potentially delivery within Sydney area, maybe meet somewhere if you're in the greater NSW region. But I've been hanging onto it for a while and it's kind of in the way where it is now.


Photos here:



If you need more details of any section let me know?


I was going to use this to patch my sunroof hole or cut out a section to patch my current turret (sunroof hole).


Not many of these floating about..nobody wants to cut up 2 seaters now.



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