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240 Value Help Please

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Hi guys,


Can you guys help determine what this car is worth.  Looking at selling another of my cars so I can tip some funds into my other rebuild as money is my hold up. 

The car is a 73 240z 5 speed manual with a L26 in it.  The motor runs but has been sitting in my garage for a few years so it is no get in and drive.  Brakes and clutch need overhaul. 

Body is good, the door skins need replacing or repairing.  The guards in the photos are just sitting on (that why the gaps) as I’ve had them off inspecting  – all good.  There is rust under the batter tray but I have a new battery tray section to go with the car. 

There is no windscreen – it was cracked so I pulled out to check for rust but it is all good.

The dash looks like my face and needs more than Botox. 


Car is a project and needs a full restore but is a good starting point.


Appreciate your insight.














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I'll play.


I saw a 73 240z in similar overall condition sold yesterday for $10k from a facebook ad. It had the original motor but it was in pieces, so a little bit of good and bad.


The pragmatist in me says $10-12k but then I'm sure there's a few silly people out there who don't understand how much work is involved and might pay 15k.


Just choose a price that you are happy with and let the market do it's job.


Or if you truly have no idea - put it on ebay - that's why ebay exists :)


ps. looks like an early car was used as a donor for this one many moons ago.. hatch, rear quarters, bonnet, all from an early car.

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Having monitored values over the past few years I'd have to partially concur with the above opinions - looking at what it is as it sits there as an eclectic mix of Z bits of various years and not usable and needing absolutely everything doing I'd have thought 8K but know that may translate to 10K or perhaps more if more than one person takes an interest and there's a bit of competition. All you can do is advertise it, start high, and see who comes out of the woodwork wanting one.

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I didn't comment at first because I wanted others to add their input before I did.


I think somewhere between $12-$15k is the sweet spot.


For comparison this Green 73 has been for sale for ages at $22k.



Which surprises me to be honest, as I think it just looks rough given it's odd rub down, but actually looks relatively solid and straight and would scrub up well...


I'd actually prefer the Green car as a project to this car, simply because it looks to have been messed with less. So I'd pay more for it than this white car. 

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With the green one still for sale after many months at that asking price then clearly the market has spoken - it's asking too much for what it is. Perhaps the price is not negotiable, and the owner is happy to wait until the market comes up to meet it. Except that when something is on the market for too long it gets stale.

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Yeah I agree things get stale and then I think folks think something is wrong with it and avoid it. People want things when others want them :).


I do note on the Green car it looks like the frame rail may be cracked below the battery box? So perhaps it's worse than photos lead you to believe. The auto may not help, but that's easily changed..

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