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Cloth Seats 240Z Original Equipement Or Not?

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Hi guys,

I have 2 cars that have cloth seats:

1970 240z

1973 240z

I'm wondering if these were original or not?

The attached pictures show seats for my 1970 &1973 240Z.

If these were original equipment is there anyone that does new seat covers in cloth?


I've talked to a few people who believe cloth was original.





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I believe very late home market cars (GS31's in particular had cloth seats like those).

Go to 1min 11 mark..



However I don't believe earlier cars like 240z's had them, although I've seen what looks like dealer fitted retrims on some seats, perhaps because vinyl is so hot and horrible in summer and customers complained about it?


So your first pic looks like a later S30Z seat design (late 260z possibly) but the second version looks like a later retrim.

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Ditto Gav's opinion, first shot looks like an original late 260Z seat, the other looks like a typical cloth retrim. I'm not aware either that any 240Zs had fabric.

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