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280Zx Free To A Good Home, Parts For Sale

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Model: 280zx (1979)
Location: Melbourne
Price and Payment Conditions: Shell free to a good home, aftermarket parts extra (who takes the car gets first preference on all parts)
Item Condition: Fair - all rust has been meticulously removed and new panels welded in, kick panels in front of rear wheel well still need replacement panels welded in.
Body: Good condition
Mechanical: Rolling Shell, Requires towing 
Extra Info: Old build thread here: http://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/11913-280zx-project-bringing-a-beast-back-from-the-dead/?hl=beast
Contact Details: PM preferred 


**Shell comes with 95% of stock parts required to finish project**, a few pieces may need to be sourced. As it sits is what you get. Lots of money has gone into this project and this will be a bargain for anyone interested in a 280zx project.


Unfortunately my career has taken all my time the last few years and I can't justify leaving this sitting around in my garage any longer. I'd prefer it go to someone who will actually finish it, otherwise it will have to be scraped. 


Brief description:

- All rust removed from the body and replacement panels welded in (albeit amateurishly)

- All suspension bushes replaced with nolathane bushes

- Wheel wells have been cut and re-welded ready for flares to fit larger wheels

- 70% of the car painted in matte black

- Underside of the car repainted with black stone guard paint

- Rear bumper deleted, panel welded flush (amateurishly, could use some cleaning up)

- Originally auto but manual gearbox, flywheel, manual pedal all come with shell


Aftermarket parts to go with car (make an offer):

Genuine Watanabe Rims (14" x 10.5" rears, 14 x 7" fronts) **like new condition** polished lip, centres primed for painting (will come with gold metallic paint I planned to use) Brand new BF Goodrich radials tyres to suit

- Rebuilt L28 (teared down, clean and re-sealed) N42 block, N42 head

- Mild upgrade camshaft 

- New clutch

- Manual gearbox

- Coilovers (cleaned up and re-painted)

- Camber adjustment plates

- Megasquirts ECU

- Megasquirts wiring harness

- MSD coilpacks

- Pacemaker extractors painted in ceramic black and heat wrapped

- WRX seats

- Gktech wheel spacers

- Short shifter kit

- Aftermarket fuel rail

- Bosch wideband AF sensor and innovate AF gauge

- Drilled & slotted rotors


I don't remember all the details for the parts, if someone shows genuine interest I can get details for you.


If no one is interested in the shell plus parts, I will sell of all parts individually.


Thanks for all the help along the way gents, great community on here and it's a shame to be moving on.







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Pictures of aftermarket parts.. please let me know if your interested and need some more details. I'll post any more parts I come across.













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I don't believe this hasn't been snapped up already. If only I was capable it would be in my shed.

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Thanks fellas, I think Andrew is going to take the shell just waiting for him to confirm.


Once he does, I'll move all the parts over to the "Parts and Tools for Sale" section and put some pricing on them to make it easier. I think most of it is still up for grabs, a few people have got first dibs on a couple of items. Stay tuned.

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The shell has definitely been sold.


For those who messaged me about parts, please check/respond to the pm I've sent if you made an offer as I have a few people after the same parts.



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