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I'm not actually a new member but thought I'd re-intro since its been so long and much progress has been made. I bought my 2+2 back in 2009 with the idea of running it for fun. The bus was matching numbers, virtually no rust and reasonably original. A leaky number six pot resulted in a mild (?!?!?!?) rebuild.


This ended up being about three years and resulted in new suspension, recon gearbox as it was showing very little wear, all other drivetrain parted, polished and returned, and a rebuild of the original L26, including carbs, factory aircon etc. We made a few mods (overbore, valves, cam) along the way. Freshened up the cooling system, and didn't tell my wife what I spent.


I've since moved to the south coast of WA where there are some very nice roads and will be moving my joy down here over Xmas to drive and continue the refurb.


Cheers, Phil


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