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New Melbourne 260 Owner

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Hi guys,


Finally found myself a tidy 260z in NSW and drove it back to Melbourne last weekend.


Pretty standard, original L26 but converted to manual by the previous owner.


Body work has been taken care of with a tidy closed door respray in original colour, barely a spot of surface rust in any jambs. No repairs to be seen in the usual spots (floorboards are clean as).


Planning on bringing the interior up in black with diamond leather, seat covers,0 door panels, carpets, headliner, wrap the plastics and dash.


I've got 36sq meters of dynamat to start things off and a full precision rubber seal kit on the way.


Can any guess the car? It popped up in the for sale thread recently...


Looking forward to learning and helping out, cheers!

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Here are a couple of photos of the old girl. Was this blue not a very common colour, I haven't seen many others?




That Blue is pretty common on Buses (2+2's) mine is that colour.





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