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L28 - Z32 5 spd Tranmission Adapters

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Hey Guys,


I just got another run of adapters in today. They are 6061 Aluminum, CNC machined, tumbled, and black annodized. I have 15 in total, several of them have been spoken for but there are plenty left. The adapter is more for the DIY crowd and is was designed around the NA Z32 transmissions. Machining the bellhousing and fabrication transmission mounts is up to you. 


Here is a thread on hybrid talking about what all is involved:



Bellhousing Machining Instructions:










Here is a link to the original adapters:



The adapters are 300 USD + 50 USD for shipping to Austrailia:

- One adapter

- Stainless Steel Alignment Pins

- instructions on how to machine your bell housing.

- All required bolts, (metric blue, grade 12.9)

- 242 Loctite


Shipping cost covers shipping via USPS priority w/ insurance, packaging, and paypal.



Shoot me an email with any questions you have, if you're ready to buy one paypal is the same: hokeperformance@gmail.com





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Your Wemen! How much for your Wemen?!


Looks good Hoke. Perfect upgrade for a high powered L6 Zed.

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