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Rust-Oleum Paint, Anybody Have Experience Using It?


Hey Folks,

So I am looking at this paint (in grey) for my 240z undertray. I was originally going to powder coat, but figure a oil/gas resistant paint might be the go?




The demo video shows 2 methods for curing.


They show an oven (although it says fumes are not toxic - I do wonder about the health of putting it in an oven you plan to cook food in). They also show you can run your motor to cure the paint.


However obviously an undertray won't benefit from a running engine (not that I have 1 anyway!) so I was thinking either leave it in the sun to bake on a hot day OR use a heat gun, but they show when curing using an exhaust and it's heat that you should cycle between warm and cold).


I'm not really sure why this is and what negative effects would result from not using either of these methods?


Anyway have any ideas or suggest another durable satin finish paint I could use instead?


The other option I was thinking was caliper paint - since I also have some brake disc hubs to paint etc..

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Also used VHT roll bar paint for my new roll cage, comes out a really nice satin finish. I was very impressed with it


I've cooked stuff in the oven when using wrinkle-finish paint, I'm not dead yet. Making sure the wife was out when I did it probably contributed to me not being dead.....


Most recently I've done a few bits of wrinkle finish in my hooded BBQ, not as easy as the oven to get the temp right but it worked out OK.

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