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Hello everyone 


Purchased this 72 240z (100036) off a nice chap up in cairns. Was told the floor boards and radiator needs to be fixed before I could get her registered again. So being OCD I am going to strip her down and give her a full rust protection package. 


Long way to go before she is back on the road again. 


First step. Get her naked and off to the media blaster. 



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Ahh yes I recall the car.



It's a very late 72 / early 73 model.


Technically I would consider it a 73 model, has the indicators that were originally above the bumper, but have been moved below it in your photos.


901 Silver with red interior is quite rare!

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Plate date says 10/72. So 73 seems right.


Noticed there are holes for headlight covers, is this standard?


Not on AU market cars, many were fitted with the cheaper plastic covers later though, very rare that an AU market car had the chrome trim headlight covers fitted. But a few did and were purchased through Nissan dealers in Australia.

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