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Hs6 Linkages

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Hey guys,


I have a 260z (still running a L26) with a set of HS8 carbs and these are causing me a a few problems.  I spoke to Bruce at Ztherapy about sourcing a set of 240z SUs, but the time frame on these is out to Christmas.  I have lead on a good pair of HS6s and have read that they are a good match to the L26.  My question is, do the HS8 and HS6s use the same (similar) throttle linkages on a Z?


I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.


Pictures below.    




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Looks very similar to mine (admittedly mine are on an L18).


Only things that may trip you up are length of the linkage between the carbs (not sure if HS6 are different physical size, or if the "connector" from linkage to carb are different ?), return springs on yours mount vertically, mine are horizontal (maybe just how I did it, can't remember ??) and the float chamber is on a different side on the rear carb (will depend on what HS6's you get).


You should be able to get it working pretty easily I would think. If you need parts, SUMidel in Sydney are great to deal wit, stock plenty of parts and they are dirt cheap (compared to Datsun / Hitachi parts anyway)



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