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Fender And Dogleg Repair Sections From $50

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Hi all,

I'm currently working on producing some low cost rust repair sections. Currently I have basic front fender section (no lips for the wheel arch etc) for 50$ each side plus postage.




I am also partway through a dogleg repair section for a 2+2 which will have the cutout for the door and the lip around the wheel arch. These will be priced at around $75 Each Plus postage (subject to changes)



This is more of an EOI so let me know if you're interested and we will go from there!




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Finished (bar primer) product.










Ready to be sent off!








Both left and right dogleg sections are $145 each + P&H


The upper most lip can either be removed or used depending on the severity of rust. If it is to be used and not cut off extra folding and bending may be required (to suit the lip around the wheel arch)


As with any rust repair section, minor adjustments may be required to fit your car.





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