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Quick Intro From New Sa Member

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Hello hello, just a quick intro, have been in love with the 240, 260 & 280z series Datsuns since I was around 10 years old growing up in Central America, older brother had 2 mates with a 240 and a 280, both orange/red back in the mid to late 80s, fell in love after the first ride and ever since coming to Aus in the early 90s Ive always kept the thought to buy a resto one.

Have kept an eye out every now and then and have noticed they're becoming so rare even the 2+2 260s. I'm finally in a better position to finally look more seriously into getting a 240 or 260 2s hopefully for under 10k wether here from here or from the US if possible. I'm passionate about getting a good base car to drive on weekends for a bit and slowly restore when time frees up.

Anyway, look forward to learning lots here and hopefully one day be able to register a car here and help organise meets/cruises. Btw, will try to start or continue a current topic re US imports and rhd conversions here in Oz.




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