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Parts For Sale That Were On My 260Z When I Bought It.

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When I bought my car it had the following items fitted which I wish to sell as I have fitted standard parts.

1 Toyota Hilux front calipers. (According to previous owner- LN106, LN106R, LN107, LN111 and LN111R-1988-!997 to suit 20mm ventilated discs)

These calipers have ribs on the outside face which he has partially ground away for wheel clearance.

He used to race the car at Wakefield Park near Goulburn so they work okay.

2 The discs are RDA272 Peugeot 604 1978-1982 20mm ventilated. Machined to suit Datsun front hubs. (His description again)

3 An aluminium front strut brace. Has a couple of marks.

4 An aluminium radiator with electric fan. I do not know what brand it is but it does not look to be a high quality item going by the welds but it did not leak.

I have no idea what this stuff is worth so would appreciate some advice.











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The radiator is an ebay item, I think I paid $150-200 for mine new. (Was a few years back now)
The brakes i'd probably start your price at $250 for the calipers and rotors, maybe more?
I only say so little because the calipers are as is, if they were freshly rebuilt and they were new rotors i'd say closer to $600-800

The strut brace, i'd say around $150 but that's a guess based on what you can generally buy a strut brace for (Not specifically a zed one)
Looks like you may have sold the strut brace anyway ;)

Disclaimer, these are just what I would charge for these items, I could be waaaaaaaaay off......

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Thanks very much to nizm0zed for advice on pricing as I had no idea.

Based on his advice I would be happy with $100 for the strut brace and $200 for the calipers and rotors and $100 for the radiator including the electric fan.

I am happy to post anywhere in Australia at the buyers expense.

I have used a company called Interparcel and they are quite reasonable. You can do an online quote with them based on weight and size.

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