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Dellorto 45 Dhla Carb (1 Only)

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Hi Folks,

When I bough a 44mm Mikuni carb, the seller sent me a Dellorto 45 DHLA (could be 40mm also) I'm guessing he thought I wanted both, but in reality I only needed the Mikuni.


I am trying to optimise room in my luggage and contemplating what to do with it, is there any interest in it? I don't have any photos of it as it's packed but I may try and re-pack later.


Looking at it, it seems they are not too bad actually compared with the Mikuni's etc.. but I've never driven a car with them installed so have no frame of comparison other than they look like a cheaper way to go Triples (no Mikuni/Solex tax).


I'm not really sure what it's worth? Maybe $200-$300?


Just figured I'd check if anyone needs 1 as I'll try and bring it back with me if that's the case.

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So it's actually a DHLA 48 so a larger 48mm carb.


Looking on eBay I see 1 listed for $450.




Therefore I'll put a price of $350 on this 1.





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