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To Overrider Or Not To Overrider

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I'm pondering over-riders or no over-riders for the front bumper on my Z.  It came with 2 front over-riders in the parts box from PO, but they are both for the same side.  So a few discussion points:


  • Any gratuitous front bumper shots appreciated  (both ways)
  • Those who've removed them/left them off did you fill the holes in the bumper (and how if you did)

I'm leaning towards putting them on for originality but then balancing out whether it is worth spending the money to buy the side I don't have for something so trivial.....

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Your call, your taste, your choice. Personally I like the 'old school' look so I have them both ends as originally fitted.

Zeds in some markets didn't have them and the relevant holes in the bumpers just had rubber plugs in them from what I've seen.

Of course they do offer a level of additional protection too, as intended.....

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