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Visit To A Champion

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A number of weeks back the Queensland Zed Club organised a run to the home of Lofty Drews and for anyone who doesn't know who he is a quick google search will bring you up to speed. Needless to say he has a very long history in datsun rally cars along with other makes as well. One of his cars that he drove is in the Nissan Datsun museum Japan and sports the classic red and black colours you see on so many models.


The run it self to Lofty's home was most enjoyable and took in some challenging roads and scenery. How every according to the event organiser this was a very tame course and he had a much more sporting route  planed for us follow. But wet weather called for a last minute change . Not sure if my exhaust would have been part of the car on the other route . As it was I lost half a U-bolt to grinding on some of the bumps and I am  sure others on the run may also have similar stories to tell. To add a little adventure to this drive I decided to keep the lead driver in sight as we were not sure of the course we were to following. As it turns out he was also the Championship driver from the Bathurst event last year . So how do I put this " the drive was SPIRITED" and fun had by all. There was one moment that stands out over all others on this event and it involved three red S30's and a cow. Apparently there was a warning in the Nav notes about wild life may be on the roads .These warnings need to be taken very seriously as on a sharp bend going up hill with cliffs on both sides three red Zeds encounter one cow, with no where to go.

Now one modified zed can make a audible note.

Three can scare the crap out of a cow and being last in line with steak on the Hoff wanting to be on the other side of the road. Well it was time to move and see what triple carbs and second gear can do. All I remember is the daughter saying " Cow dad, COW DAD, LOTS OF COW DAD ".So that was a lot of fun and no damage to beast or car . Everyone arrived at Lofty's and enjoyed the lunch time BBQ and were treated to high lights of Lofty's rallying career. It sort of made our drive up look very tame . At least we didn't have locals throwing rocks and wanting to kill us and we had at least what can be called a road to travel on . A few pictures form his collection and car on the run . I guess  that 71 car from the British rally could be a early girl car . Have will have to ask him if he knew the chassis number.

Lofty is also a avid shell collector and has shells from South AFRICA and New Guinea. But the lengths he had to go too to get them hauling around an uzi, puts a whole new level on walking along the beach.                























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I guess  that 71 car from the British rally could be a early girl car . Have will have to ask him if he knew the chassis number.               


HS30 00026 - TKS 33 SA696





Good to see more photos of it though..

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Good write-up Aub and thanks for posting the photos, " Cow dad, COW DAD, LOTS OF COW DAD "  :)  :)  :)   


A very good time was had by all and nearly at max numbers for the area at the Drews place,  


Here's a couple from out at Leyburn Pub having a beer with Lofty, very foggy trip home first up on the Sunday and a fantastic breakfast 





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