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Project Cars Vs Driving - Complete - Finished Cars

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After four or so years building my green bus, I thoroughly enjoy driving it all the time with minor maintenance. These old cars require a lot of that. I recently purchased a 260  2 seater that was, as I have found out not very well restored but as I am now retired it has become a bit of a project. Not a lot to do but just find the rust that has ben covered up and fix it. Hopefully I can do that without a repaint. So even when you think you know what you are looking at these old cars will bite you. Not good for a young bloke who wants to drive his car straight away but hello these cars are now over 40 years old. I feel sorry for Mitch who spent 13 years and a lot of money building his car only to have it go for a swim but I am sure he will recover and get his dream car on the road. I guess I am one of the lucky ones who has a car to drive and one that is a minor project. As far as the race car builders go I guess it is a case of whatever pulls your chain. I would love a race car but that is another deep well that needs to be full of cash that I don't have so I just enjoy my race car look alike as I did when I was 18. Pisses me off to remember my 1600 cost me $1500 back then.


My two bobs worth.

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In my case, it is a 16 year checque book restoration, why because the scope changed over the first couple of years and life gets in the way. I'm lucky the restoration shop is patient with me, as I am with them. When it's finished, it won't be the fastest Charger in the country, won't be the flashest, but will be one of the best restored ones in the country.


Will it be worth what I spent? One day maybe, but as it is just and XL and not an R/T I have basically had a blank canvas to do what I want with it. If it was an R/T, personally I would feel obligated to restore it to concourse standard. I was also lucky that I was able to buy the car for next to nothing before the values sky rocketed for these cars.


My S14, again a long term project because of life, but I am doing what I can with my skill set, and outsourcing the rest to people who think the same way I do and who are helping me in getting stuff done at agood price and some stuff that I wouldn't otherwise be able to get done because they know the right people.


My old merc, the Teutonic Barge, I bought it because I like old cars and it was cheap, the paint is shot, but meh, it ads to the shabby Yakusa chic of the car.


I prefer to drive than build, but like to tinker and do what maintenance I can. I also get my enjoyment from the thinking and research to arrive at the end point that I want with whichever car is being worked on at the time.


My MX5 was a fun car to drive and still simple enough that I could do all the maintenance myself, and I enjoyed doing that work and the preparation work necessary for track days.


My old 240 race car was the same, did all the maintenance and prep I could, but knew my limits and when to outsource work so that it would e cheaper and done right in the long run.

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i'm in the camp that wants a car that's pretty much done or 90% there. I don't want a full resto job because I know how long it will take and know it will be a money pit and that i'll probably never get it done. I don't have the skill or patience to tackle rust repairs, but mechanical stuff like suspension and brakes I'll have a go at and things like interior, some electrical etc etc. Engine builds and gearbox and diffs I'd leave to the experts. My friends are always at me........"just get one" not realising that I'd need $50-60k. (there are 2 longtermers on carsales that i'd go for if I had the available funds) Most people think $20k will get you a pretty good car. Having pretty much modified every car I've ever owned, some a bit, some a lot, I know tackling a full resto for me is just romantic fantasy!

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No doubt $20k will get you a pretty good car


(a simple search for Max $20k sorted by max torque)

But for S30 tragics, $20k is not enough to get in to the current market unless you buy a project.

I really enjoy my 240 but I honestly don't think I would pay the money I could sell it for. There are just better "value for money" alternatives

Just lucky I bought it when I did. :)

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