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Resealing After Opening -Por15

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I'm using this product and am very happy with it.

Started with clear and used it inside the doors.


I ended up wasting about half a tin as the lid was glued on so strongly when I went to use it again,that I had to destroy the tin to get at it.


So when I mentioned this to the guy at the panel shop he gave me a great tip.


Put a double layer of Glad Wrap on the tin before you put the lid back on.
I've also bought the smallest containers of POR15 I can buy, 100 mls as these get opened and used quickly.
Works a treat and can  be used on other products as well.

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I first used the stuff - their red, a red-oxide looking product - 30yrs ago on any bare steel, and it's still on the car and good to this day.

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