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road rider

Gst On Low Value Imported Goods.

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As of the 1st of July 2017 low value goods(less than $1000) imported into Australia will be subject to GST.

I'm a firm believer in not screwing with a good thing!! ;D 

But some big business people here in Oz have campaigned the government to pass this law stating that they couldn't compete and it would ultimately cost them money.
One of the biggest voices in all of this is Harvey Norman. In the last financial year his company made record profits!!

Sorry guys, this whole thing leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, but I promise I won't keep ranting!! >:D 

So the reason for this thread is to let you all know that if you have any purchases to make from O/S........now is the time to do it ^-^ O0  


And I will never shop at Harvey Norman again!!

I know, I promised not to rant!! 



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This country loves a good vested rusted on self interest when setting policy. The whole parliament is captured by vested interests.


The business council of Australia opposes changes to 457 Visa's, even though for the average Australian change is needed to stop under cutting of wages (when wage growth is at an all time low).


The property council of Australia opposes changes to negative gearing even though housing affordability is at an all time low.


On a related topic won't have a banking royal commission despite widespread reports of horrendous behavior.


Look at the LNG Gas crisis where Australian gas costs less in Japan than Australia.


Crack down on the most vulnerable via CentreLink robo debt...


I could go on.. but instead if you want to know if a policy will be implemented, just look at how bad it is. The worse it is the more likely it will be implemented. :D


My experience living in Europe was that "yes" items being imported outside of the EU *should* be taxed. But in reality only say 1 in 20 packages I ever ordered resulted in me getting a letter to pay VAT (like GST) on it. I think the reality is that it's going to be a nightmare to stop every package to collect tax (hence why we have a $1000 threshold right now) and therefore lots of items will probably be ignored.


In this case I'd imagine electronic goods (since Harvey hates those) will get taxed, but other items like car parts (especially used ones) may get ignored. Since they don't really compete in the retail space the same.


Speaking of Harvey Norman and Ireland, I always found it Bizarre when watching TV in Ireland to have a Harvey Norman commercial blast through with a strong Australian accent in the middle of Irish TV programming. But apparently his business did really well in Ireland and those commercials with it (probably because nothing else like it).


Those type of commercials where you get yelled at are apparently unique to Australia.


Stephen Amos explains it best.

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So basically it won't be long before all suppliers start blocking sales to australia unless you use a local mail forwarder (who has to collect the GST for you).. why would anyone bother trying to deal with a relatively small market's taxation system.


just when global shipping from many decent places in the US started opening up :(

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If the tax has to be collected by the overseas supplier then forget it, they simply won't be bothered selling into Australia. And what will happen if a overseas supplier simply ignores GST and sends the goods anyway?


As Gavin detailed, Australia is full of commercial pressure groups who lobby in their own commercial interest without any relevant consumer counterparts to oppose them. Accordingly we don't have a true democracy here, something that the major political parties could not care less about.

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I thought this thread might provoke some discussion on various governmental policies  :P

I really don't get into it that much because I really just couldn't be bothered!


But you all make some relevant points and sense!

More than what some members of government do!!


I heard the one about Aussie gas being cheaper in Japan than what it is here the other day and it made me shake my head in disbelief........I mean WTF is going on.......or maybe Mr Turnbull just wants me to bend over and touch my toes LOL!!


What about the taxes on top of other taxes that we pay for our petrol.


Or the tax they are applying to cigarettes making them so expensive now. Which, in turn, has opened up the door to criminal organisations to racketeer in that product now because it is so lucrative.

The government has had to set up a special task force to deal with the problem, costing god knows what : :)  


I could keep going on but I think it's time to show some restraint!! ^-^


Time to go shopping 8)

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What's that saying............the rich get richer..........as for the rest of us!


I'm always blown away at some of the wages CEO's get paid and then when they resign, the payouts they get are something else again!


Almost makes me want to vote for the labor party at the next election.

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How about this,,,

The execs also get bonus annual payments, when their companies perform well, and, they also get bonus payments when their companies DONT perform well!

And, when they resign, or are kicked out, they continue to recieve an annual salary, in the case of the Australia Posts recently resigned CEO, he gets paid a few million, for each of the next five years!


And we wonder why we cant compete in a global market, when imports can come in, thanks to the Hardly Normal stores, an plenty other retailers, that do noy buy Aus manufactured goods,and be sold so bloody cheaply.


But, oh no, You, the little one off hobbyist, no sir, you will get whacked for bringing in your car part, for your one only car!

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