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Seals Under Front Fenders

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What type of seals are people putting back under the front guards. 

There is the remains of some foam rubber type seals under my guards and a couple of small squares on top of the inner fender that are completely perished.
I want to replace with something that won't hold moisture and will seal

What width and thickness material have people used?




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Take a look at this topic;



"The Nissan gaskets #4 and #30 are NLA and you would not want to use them anyway as they were open-cell foam that held water and contributed to the rust problems. I used 5/16 thick X 3/4 wide closed-cell foam weatherstrip for these two spots - a perfect seal when the fender was bolted up."


There is also a rubber seal that runs along the top and is held in place with clips;



These are available from suppliers such as the Z Store;

Inner Fender Weatherstrip, 70-78 240Z-260Z-280Z US $29.95 each (2 Required)



Inner Fender Weatherstrip Clips, 70-78 240Z-260Z-280Z US$6.10 each (12 required)



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Eric you've inspired me to remove the front guards on mine to inspect beneath, first time in about 25yrs.

The foam pads on the 4 x 'table' brackets on top of the upper chassis rail are 8mm thick x 36mm wide.

The remnants of the 2 x vertical strips look to be about the same thickness.

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Regarding the foam strips, I called in to Clarke Rubber today and they do a 9.5mm thick closed cell black foam strip in various widths; close enough to the 8mm I measured earlier. According to the specs it is supposed to be very weather resistant so I take that to mean that it really is 'closed cell'.

Whereas the product sold at Bunnings for door/window weatherstripping and advertised by the manufacturer as 'closed cell' is nothing of the sort as it takes up water to the point of saturation, I know as I've used it as a threshold seal on my garage door.

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