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Edd China Quits 'wheeler Dealers'

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I'm glad. Their last season was significantly... ahem... "Americanised" with fake banter and it was pretty painful.


Hopefully he will pop up elsewhere doing his thing.

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Best part of the show was Ed, wheeler dealers was good because it was more substance in terms of the technical fixes and less fluff. Sounds like new producers want to churn out another "pimp my ride" or as the Irish version is known "scanger me banger".


There's so many of these generic "fixer upper" shows in the US already that they are pretty much all the same now. Crap.


With the popularity of Project Binky and other shows with technical chops, I actually hope Ed has a good crack at creating something with a bit of entertainment but also lots of technical details. No wonder the TV medium is dying...

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