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Recommended Panel Beaters In Melbourne - Insurance Claim

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Hi all,


I have just been involved in an incident with my 240z and am looking for recommendations on panel beaters who have experience with early model Zeds and their value. They must be a registered business who can deal with insurance claims located in Melbourne.


The damage itself isn't severe with damage to my front right guard/headlight bucket/OEM chrome trimmed headlight covers.


General panel work, any panel beater can repair but my concern is around my damaged OEM chrome trim headlight covers and trim themselves which have been damaged in the incident. Very hard to come by items and expensive.


In short, a guy deciding to turn right at an intersection has changed his mind last minute and turned left into me.


Any assistance/suggestions would be appreciated. I do recall a similar thread regarding insurance claims but I can't seem to track it down.





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Sorry to hear that Adam :(

I recommend you contact The Healey Factory in Mitchem.
After being involved in a classic vehicle accident some years back, The Healey Factory had no issues with taking on insurance work.
The repairs were so good, they were better than the the rest of vehicle...!

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LA Smash Repairs in Collingwood fixed my brother's RX7 and they did an incredible job. They are also the preferred repairer for Porsche, Ferrari and most of the other prestige marques so they aren't exactly cheap!

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