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Rb25 260Z Engine Conversion Clutch Line

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Hey guys

Doing the rb25det (later date rb30/25det) manual engine conversion and nearly got all the peices of the puzzle together

I'm down to the clutch operation side of things

I sourced manual pedals (brake and clutch) got them in no worries

Just got the clutch master cylinder and my question to you guys is what line do you use between the clutch master and slave cylinder on the rb gearbox? If there is anyone that can point me in the right direction ie (part number) or give me some tips

Or perhaps I may have to get a custom line made?

I had a search and couldn't find any answers

Thanks very much in advance

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Pretty much any brake place should be able to make up a steel tube line, or try a hydraulic place if you want braided hose.


I got a braided clutch line made up just before Xmas at Enzed on Industrial Drive in Newcastle. I ran a bit of fishtank plastic hose from master to slave cylinders to get the path / length right, gave that measurement to Enzed, gave them both the cylinders and got the hose back a day later.


I will add that when I first got it back, they had supplied the wrong banjos (imperial thread rather than metric, even though they had the cylinders to check) and it was exxy (~$100), so perhaps try a different hose place !


If you want steel tube, buy a metre or two from a brake place, take it home, bend it to fit (using bits of pipe, etc, to get nice, even, smooth bends) then take it back and they will flare it for you.

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Hey Dave

Thanks for that I too myself live in Newcastle so I may just do what you have done and go to enzed or pirtek in Cardiff

Nah I haven't checked to see as I do not have clutch line to check with otherwise I would have

Well thanks for the advice guys much appreciated

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I would

Standard steel tube from the master cylinder to the chassis rail near the slave cylinder. - any brake specialist shop can make this.

Flexible hose from the chassis rail to slave cylinder. - Brake shop or Enzed, Pirtek etc.

Doing it this way will give a factory look and be one less thing for the engineer to worry about.





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