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Heaps Of '71 Wiring/electrical Questions. Se Melb

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well, the big day arrived when i'm putting the wiring/electrics  back in to the bare shell. i have a copy of the factory manual scan ( shocking quality), which has the basic diagram in it.

so here come the questions - numbered for convenience


1. the turn signal sockets are buggered. i had a look on the net and they look like 1157 type sockets, but the lugs don;t match. from what i can tell, its a dual filament, 3 lug bayonet waterproof socket. does any one know the actual code or where to get them from

2. where are all the earth points supposed to be? < pictures if possible pls>

3. how many relays, of what type are there meant to be and where do they mount?

    a. for the turn signal

    b. for the hazard lite ( 2 pin?)

    c. for the wiper motor ( still attached to the motor, so i think i'm ok there)

    d. for the horn ( i think the small square one on the left side under the glovebox)

i'm hoping they're all basic 2 or 3 pin can type analogue units like these


i'm also getting one of those H4 realy kits for the headlights, so that shd be great

i'll get a couple sockets from the vintage connector place as quite a few of them from the engine bay are toasted and corroded



thanks in advance



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Tough type of questions, I'd be looking for relevant pics in the factory manual, they often show parts type and location. With the type of work you are doing a real factory manual would be a good investment.

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i'm making progress

does anyone know where to get the correct multi colored wires from ? the onyl place i could see is some american supplier on ebay. surely there must be some local automotive elec. supliers that sell it by the meter?

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