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Rat50N, The Rb30Et 2+2.

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Hey Guys,

Decided i would make a build thread of my RB30 260z 2+2.
Im a 20 year old apprentice electrician and linesman, my first car was a Mazda mx5 and it is to still to date the best handling car i have ever driven.
I have always wanted a Z car but the price tag was the only thing in my way of owning one, anyways i put up an add on gumtree one afternoon and around a week later i got a message from a guy on the south coast saying he had one. A few more messages later and we were on our way down from the Blue Mountains to a small town called Moruya with a car trailer.
As usual there was a bit of rust in the car and interior looking like it had animals living in it but overall it was pretty clean and straight. $2,750 and 9 hours later i had my first Z :)
First thing i started doing when i got it home was stripping out the interior and repairing the rust to get it blue slipped. While my repairs may not of looked 10/10 i thought they were pretty good for someone with no experience in panelbeating. Areas of rust that i fixed included inside the rear hatch, bottom dog legs on both side and the top of the front right quarter panel. While the paint looks pretty good, it has some bubbles coming through.
At this point i decided that because i don’t have much money (being and apprentice and saving up for a house) i would just stick with the ratty theme of the car and embrace it. Hence the plates RAT50N.


At last in Feb 2016 i got it blueslipped and on the road.
As my brother is an apprentice mechanic and his bosses are kind enough to let us use the workshop we have access to hoists and other useful equipment :)
Mechanically to get it sorted for a blue slip we replaced the front wheel bearings, a new lightweight flywheel, heavy duty clutch (had issues with getting this to work) new slave cylinder and tuned the carbies.
(need help! this uploader is pretty stupid and won't allow me to upload any photos)


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Well done on getting it back on the road and especially doing the work yourself, impressive effort.

At $2,750 sounds like a good deal to me.





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