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Another 260Z 2+2 Rubber Kit Thread.

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Awaiting the Z factory to get back to me with a list but appears the 2+2 door seals are a thing of the past.


I've searched a few times hoping to stumble across the place that has a kit that's 100% complete. Gone though many threads linking stores that are no longer here.


Rare spares want $600+ even with both rear and front hatch glass not selected and missing many required rubbers, rear tail lights ect.


http://www.vintagerubber.com/260z.aspx- out of stock of 2+2 door seals.


I can keep listing the same issue with every singe retailer I have found so far. Complete kit for the coupe but no love for the 2+


Is the 2+2 some bastard no one thinks ever existed? 



Am I cursed to purchase individual parts and look for a kia Sportarge sample to get a close match at Clark rubber?


Where do we go in 2017 for some rubber?






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When I click on a few links at Scott's in the past it link's to Rare spares for a description. Some (very few) parts are a couple of dollars cheaper but most the exact same price.


So I figure I'm no worse off than walking into rare spares. At least I can see the quality before and have an option to return if it's not right.


I'm just going to have to mix and match. No idea why the 2+ door seals such an issue.

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After many attempts to deal with Mr Fickle at All Z Parts and suffering a number of let-downs and then later effectively the business closing.

I managed to source a full kit through these guys in USA when our A$ was equal to US$...  All Z sourced through these guys regularly and their quality is very good:


Their website has changed since I last looked and is now more difficult to navigate and establish the full set of rubbers for a 2+2

They will sell individual items if required but the shipping cost may be prohibitive depending on size, weight & value.

I found if you send them an e-mail they will respond and pull a kit together if you require one.

You will need to ask them what the kit will contain and get them to list the part numbers.

You will need to know exactly the rubbers for your year model be cause PRP being Amercan will pull a kit together based on the US models.


The other possibility is Stewart Wilkins Motorsport at McGraths Hill near Windsor outskirts of North Western Sydney.

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The other problem child to source is the quarter window pillar assembly.

You will find hens teeth more readily...

Anyone had any luck sourcing these?

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I have a combination from Z factory and placed an order with rare spares for some of the others.


Z factory;

rear tail lights,

fwd mid upper door cavity to body

rear hatch

Radiator strip

Rear bonnet strip

Fuel flap

Carby boot


Rare spares 

L ad R door seals

Upper door / roof seal

Door window felt


Still looking for;



B pillar (however mine look ok)

Probably some more


Already close to the $500 mark


Found the B pillar but not local and lookiing at $100+


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