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Hello From Nz. L Engine Development + 240Zg Replica

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Hi all,


Thought it was about time to sign up. My name is Rob and I am starting my own small tuning company here in NZ called WhitleyTune. 


I've got 5 years experience designing and grinding camshafts and decided it was time to start offering a modern design & CNC grinding service for people interested in getting the most from their older motors. L series will be one of the first on my list and I am really looking forward to doing some more tuning development on them. Been a long slog but I'm getting close to having a machine ready to grind. All our profiles are designed from scratch in-house and CNC masterless ground. I can design you any cam within the design restrictions imposed by the valvetrain setup. 


I have a 1975 S31 Fairlady Z 2 seater and a 81 Sunny Coupe (310) that will end up as TS-cup replica track car. The Z was imported into NZ in the 80s with a G nose. Unfortunately it was damaged in the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake and is still in a state of disrepair. This is the year it goes back on the road! Going 240ZG replica in the classic GPM/grey 2-tone combo. Panel damage has been fixed but still needs paint.  




Look forward to helping out anyone here with cam or any high end tuning questions in general. 



Rob Whitley


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For some reason I recall a video of someone being a spiderman and this car? Am I right? If not ignore me. I'll try find said video and it will all be self explanatory. :)


I approve of the 240ZG replica look. It's a sorely underrated look. I saw an early Series 1 E-Type Convertible this morning I noticed the front of the car's nose is quite a small opening (which lead to some over-heating issues) probably for aerodynamics compared with the wider open front of the standard S30Z.


I know the Gnose (or blunt nose) was designed to improve the aerodynamics of the front of the car. I couldn't help but feel it closed off the front end of the car in a similar manner to the E-type.


The other thing that ran through my mind is how much more beautiful the shape of the S30Z is, I pictured briefly an S30Z with Gnose sitting next to the E-type and couldn't help but feel it would be the nicer looking machine (but I am of course biased).


Welcome to the nut house!

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Tep you are right! This was 2 owners previous to me I believe. Here you go have a laugh...thanks for reminding me. 



240zg is pretty cool I agree. I really think you need the flares and wheels to pull it off though. My car was bought with G nose and nothing else and it sort of makes the proportions a bit strange with the longer nose but no added width. 


I have some 15x9 & 15x9.5" RS-Watanabe to fit the car, this car here is the aim as far as looks go. 





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I hate it how the park lights look awkward in the g-nose like in the pic above. Something i'm trying to sort wit my Z-G.


Make sure when the bonnet is repaired that it lines up with the nose center panel. I didnt check that properly on mine and i have a less than idea issue to fix now that it's painted.


PS You should keep it green!



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I like GP Maroon, I also think Safari Gold is a good colour that contrasts well with the "Grande Nose" set up.


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