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1977 260Z 2-Seater

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Sucks to be doing this, but I’ve moved to Sydney for the foreseeable future. Lack of onstreet parking and only 1 carpark makes things difficult considering partner needs car for her work. Also just started some postgrad study, so my spare time balance is pretty negative and will be for a long time. This is kinda half an EOI, half a for-sale ad.


Car is currently stored in Goolwa, 90 minutes south of Adelaide.





Model: Manual 1977 2-seater 260z. Original motor rebuilt by Les Collins to L28 spec.


I’ve had in mind that this would be a real period car, with all modifications available at the time (though you would have needed some friends in Japan). Matching numbers (although the chassis plate on a ’77 doesn’t include the engine number, I’ve been told by a few people that the engine # is in the right range for the build date).



Original drip tray, passenger foot-rest, plastic radiator shroud all there. Replica works rally shift knob, JDM calendar clock (correct font), and lightly worked L28 will make this a really fun street car.



To get this registered and running, fuel lines need connecting and wiring needs to be done, carbs need jetting, needs new brake lines, windscreens, new carpets, rubbers and either cut & polish the paint or have it re-sprayed (paint is pretty poor — my plan was to have the paint redone).




Body: Genuinely good, rust free body. Has been garaged since the early 90’s, in ACT and Vic before SA. Pictures of all rust documented extensively in flickr.


Has been stripped back to bare metal, rust cut and new metal welded in. Painted with acrylic, hasn’t yet had a cut & polish. Paint coverage is poor. Alas I was a young, dumb and poor Uni student at the time.



Some small dings and waves that annoy me, and the paint job wasn’t professional. One area on left fender near the rocker needs to be re-done (panelwork, not rust). I would certainly suggest spending the coin having the exterior stripped back again and re-painted.




Interior: All plastics there (One of the rear 1/4 pieces has a snap). Lovely brown interior, true 70's inspiration... Dash has no cracks, but a few nicks in it. Seats are great except one 2cm cut on the rear of one. Carpet is all there, but use it as a template for cutting new carpet. Interior is in decent condition. Doorcards unfortunately have some scuffs and tears on the outer edge.



Includes a replica Works Rally knob and a quartz calendar clock (with correct font for the late 260z gauges).






I don't think there's a bolt or fitting on this car that hasn't been stripped and zinc-plated to the original cadmium finish. Even things like headlight fittings have been dipped and plated.


Have two sorted boxes of bolts to go with it too. All suspension arms, etc have been repainted. Bushings have been replaced with black poly (except ones which need pressing out. Those bushings will come with the car).


* Original L26 rebuilt by Les Collins, bored out to L28 spec

* E88 head,

* Sanyo manifold port-matched to triple solex carbs.

* 3x 40mm Mikuni Solex

* Carbs rebuilt with brand new kits from Mikuni Japan.

* Greddy style headers.

* Exedy HD clutch.

* Carter p4070 electric fuel pump.

* 14" Techno Racing TRV wheels. Managed to track down 6 center-caps, so there's 2 spares.


I think all else is stock.



Pictures: Over 100 pics here. Roughly chronological order.


Price: SOLD

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