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Fs. Ae82 Twin Cam Corolla Hatch Se Melbourne

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AE82 Corolla Twin Cam hatch, one of the original hot hatches.


Bought this for my wife and has been our daily for 25 + years, it’s part of the family but sadly time to let her go. All original car with no accident damage apart from a minor rear end that we never got fixed (perp did a runner) as per photos. 350,000km’s on it but has been well maintained all its life with regular oil changes, engine and gearbox are good. Drives very well, new clutch not long ago, everything works well including the air con. Needs tyres, screen, lenses and oil leak fixed (rocker cover and dizzy O ring) for RWC.


Selling as is, no reg or RWC. Located in The Basin.


I know it’s not worth much but make me an offer before I put it on Scumtree.



post-101170-0-97072500-1481069692_thumb.jpg post-101170-0-45302400-1481069695_thumb.jpg post-101170-0-61887500-1481069697_thumb.jpg post-101170-0-00236700-1481069700_thumb.jpg post-101170-0-27507300-1481069702_thumb.jpg post-101170-0-52380600-1481069704_thumb.jpg post-101170-0-01916800-1481069707_thumb.jpg post-101170-0-96701200-1481069708_thumb.jpg post-101170-0-88147800-1481069710_thumb.jpg post-101170-0-18625900-1481069713_thumb.jpg 

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