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Clive Cams 733A

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Going to send one of my standard cams down to get done soon. From what I have read this seems to be a good mild profile. Guess the question is, are there any other suggestions? 733A from Clive, is a 72 too much if I am only going to stay with twin su's?



Motor is L26 standard bore with: 


Flat top pistons

Has had port work done but not sure as to what extent

HM extractors with 2 1/4 exhaust

240z dome tops

5 speed manual

3.54? diff

Lightened stock flywheel


It isn't a daily, no a/c or power steer.

Not a track car, just want it to sound good and be fun to drive.


I have a few cams I could get done if there are a few good ones to choose from.

Thanks for any advice.

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