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Datsun 240Z Engineering Development By Hitoshi Uemura

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This book was recently translated into English.



Although it seems to contain less pages than the original Japanese translation.



But I decided even if it's missing some details of the original version it's still worth buying.


So I just ordered a copy myself, anyone else here done the same or read any of it yet?


Hopefully I'll learn something new about the early prototypes and production variations.


Also interested to learn more about the Solex carb versions of S30Z chassis. I think Nissan should have released a Triple Solex variation of the L-series powered cars.

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Just a couple of chapters in I've learnt a few interesting things.


1. The Porsche 911 was a car they wanted to emulate in many ways. I've always thought about their similarities but glad to read it from the horses mouth so to speak.

2. L20A was original consideration for displacement. (also considered a lower spec 4 cylinder with twin SUs)

3. Pretty sure AU market cars didn't get defrost because we didn't have same cold weather extreme's as North America. This is somewhat discussed in the book as a weakness of the Roadsters driving through the Rocky Mountains.

4. The S20 motor was put in the S30Z because they wanted their pinnacle piece available to a Sports Car (not just the Skyline). It was said to be a superior power plant to the Yamaha Twin Cam in the Toyota 2000GT.

5. Interesting to learn more about design limitations etc.. which influenced overall design.


Considering the lack of images it's quite an interesting read and certainly gives me new perspectives on these great cars.

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The S30 and 911 are similar in concept. both about the same size, both practical daily driver two door sports coupes. But to me that's about where the similarities end so it would be interesting to know if there were further intentions on the part of Nissan. 

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