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Series 1 240Z Brake Booster Replacement/upgrades

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Hey guys, after discovering that a later model Zed booster doesn't bolt in, i was wondering if there are any booster upgrades that don't involve drilling holes in the firewall?



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Hi guys while Toby is on the subject of brake boosters and I know this has no doubt be covered many times but also gets quite confusing but does anyone know where you can get a 260 2+2 booster as they are larger then the 260's or what is a good option of a retro fit larger booster with a 15/16" master cylinder?


I know people say 280ZX is a good option but I read where some fit some don't etc..... so I don't want to waste money on something that won't fit.


I'd rather not re-drill the holes in the firewall.



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