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Wanted: S30 2+2 Or 2Seat Shell

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Hi guys,


I am after an S30 2+2 or 2 seater rolling shell. Starting a new project using a 280ZX as a donor for the engine and drive lines.


Would PREFER if the S30 had an interior and was complete as possible apart from engine, gearbox, diff, ect.


Looking for something with as little rust as possible, rust on front end panels is okay, as I can replace them, but I do not want something with rust in the floor pans, or any part of the frame or rear quarter, (rear quarter rust is okay just depends how bad it is)




Located in Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.

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I have a really good 2+2 shell that was prepped for paint few years ago and been in storage since. Only rust is on radiator support. It would need to be re-prepared  for paint as some surface rust is showing, it was never sealed.


Also, I have a complete blue 2+2 but it does have rust on rear quarter, and the repaint by the previous owner is terrible, to be honest I do not know what it is hiding but it has been in dry storage for two years with me and couple of years with previous owner so by now all should have shown up. Other than that it would not take much to get blue one on the road. By not much, under $2000 + rust repair of the rear quarter.


Both cars sit in storage because i am busy finishing the 2 seater.


Message me if you are interested. Cars stored in Langwarrin.

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