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L26 Camshaft Id?

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Thanks Groundhog, I have already tried all of those people with no answers. Was running in an engine I have so will probably just run it and see what it does. Don't have the engine close Jason but from memory it was a Nissan cam.

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If that one you have, has had a bit of a rework, it may be an idea to run it up on a dummy assembled engine, just needs no 1 piston fitted, and chamber no 1 valves fitted, a degree wheel, and check its opn/closing angles at 50 though valve lift, and total lift.

OR, send it off to a shop that has a cam profiling machine, to let you know what it is.


Save ruining something, if its already good, with a fresh re-grind!

Use a known stock cam, they can easily take a 68 to 72 deg type re-grind, and depending on how much valve seats have been sunk in, slightly thicker lash pads will have it setup nicely.

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