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Fuel Cell

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Hi tech is not always the best, a conventional fuel gauge setup is clear and simple, clearer than any digital dash. Have not decided yet but the Z31 may have a traditional analogue dash plus a shift light, lap timer and analyser, maybe a GPS speedo and a big low oil pressure light. The beauty about designing a dash layout from scratch is that everything can be placed in it's optimal position.


Enough of that, is a sumped fuel tank with foam going to work using a EFI pump only, no surge tank or pickup pump.


EDIT Just had a brain wave. How about having the tank outlet run directly into one of those big glass bowl filters which will act as a reservoir with the EFI pump pulling fuel directly from it. Vent the filter back to the tank to get rid of any air that comes through.

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Don't you have litres of fuel used come up in the dash like Holdens and Fords since for ever? ????


I don't think so, it's a 1990 and we aren't using the factory tank anyway.

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To answer your question Richard, maybe....


The Green Zed ran a standard 240 tank with an internal "swirl pot" welded around the pickup, was just a small barrier to prevent sloshing fuel and cavitation of the pump pickup. The fuel then went into a large glass truck filter and then up to the engine. Worked reasonably well, but had to run a minimum of 15 litres for a race to stop surge and cavitation.


When the motor got rebuilt up here I then went to a more traditional low pressure, high volume pump into a 2 litre surge tank and then high pressure EFI pump from surge to motor all tucked up under the floor. This worked much better as I able to use all the fuel down to the last litre without surge.


And for the dash, the new dashes are great, configure to show only what you need with warnings and auto shut downs that can be configured.


I only ran the gauges in my car due to the regs at the time, now these have changed, so configurable data logging dash for me.


If I was running analog gauges i would have the following:


Water temp

Oil temp

Oil pressure

maybe volts, and


Big red light for oil pressure and a big yellow light for charge for if a belt is thrown.


Lap timer maybe for sprints, but as my priority is race times are less important in wheel to wheel.


GPS, probably not for old analog dash, but with the new car, as it is part of the system I will have it for data analysis for car set up.

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