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L26 Engine, Clutch, Transmission And Exhaust Parts.

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Hey guys, up for sale is a rebuilt L26 engine and transmission.

Decided to go with a RB swap as it has been a headache to try and get the clutch assembly to work.


Engine comes with

New Flat top Pistons

Honed block

New seals and gaskets all round

New main bearings

New valve stem seals

Head shave (N42)

Twin round top Su's and manni


NGK spark plugs

Brand new coil and leads

New dizzy


Xtream light weight clutch (2+2)

Excedy heavy duty clutch (2+2)

Previous owner said the gearbox had been "overhauled" not sure what that entails but works fine.


Comes with a 280z clutch fork from America.

The clutch wasn't dissengaging so we thought that the extra height of the fork would help.


Comes with radiator


Master cylinder and slave cylinder


What ever other components that go with the engine.


Had the engine in the car and running but only for a few short minutes as it was dumping at the headers and we didn't want our neighbours to hate us. Ran really well in that short amount of time but.


It's currently still in the car and it will only be coming out when it is sold.

Previous owner built the engine so I don't have any proof of work done other than what is in the photos sorry.

Not entirely sure what it is worth so hit me up with an offer.

Going off what I have spent on it I'd like to get around $2,000 for it all









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I am building a 1965 Datsun Roadster. Would love to use a 260 drivetrain, but have been advised the engine will not go in without major surgery to the chassis and firewall. Decided to go down the L20B path. I am interested in the transmission if you are willing to separate as this bolts straight up the L20B and the shifter lines up with the factory position. Also do you have the shifter.  


Regards, Greg

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