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Hessian's '72 240Z

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Hey team,


I've been floating around these forums for a long time since I bought an '82 280zx as my first car eleven years ago. I had it for around two years and it taught me a lot and cost me more then I had to spend at the time so I eventually had to move it on, but I've always missed it and I've had a string of functional cars since, but never a passion project.


I've lived inner city melbourne pretty much since I moved the 280 on and space has always been an issue, but last year we moved into a place that not only had off street parking, but has a fairly secluded carport. When we moved in I started looking at Datsuns again and was pretty blown away by the price increase and decided it might be now or never to get the car that I'd always wanted in the 240.


So myself and a friend did some looking around for a few months and with little hands on experience with anything larger then changing a tire or spark leads and a realistic understanding that doing bodywork out in the open in melbourne weather with neighbours within meters, I decided to go with something that was less a restoration and more a fixer uper.


After a buy fell through with a member on here, he referred me to a mate of his in Brisbane that had a 72' 240 that he hadn't driven in close to eight years sitting in one of the sheds on one of his properties. After speaking to the guy he sent through some pics and it looked to be in decent condition so my mechanic mate Dave and I flew up to check it out and it seemed almost exactly what I wanted. It was slightly more expensive then I was looking at spending, but at the rate they seem to be climbing I decided to jump on it and get her home.


That was about ten months ago now and I've made small progress on getting her onto the road, but holidays and work have eaten up that time pretty quickly. But here we are, I'm determined to get her on the road and freshening up all the tired bits one at a time, I'm pretty new to it all, so I'm sure I'll be after as much advice as I can get.


























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So the first thing I did when we got her back to Melbourne was take her in to see Rich at Allcraft automotive, his shop is right in front of Lou Mondello's shop and from what I've been told he works with a lot of Z's. I wanted to get a bit of the lay of the land by someone with experience and get some advice on what I could do myself and what is beyond my capabilities right now. After he got her up on the hoist and went over the whole car I came back and we wrote up a bit of a list.

The suspension is really tired, the back end feels a bit like a boat and bottoms out on potholes


The diff has a bit of a whine to it and probably needs a rebuild/replacement.


The gearbox is tired and whilst all the gears work, fifth has a whine to it, so that will probably need a rebuild/replacement.


The frame rails were in a bit of state, probably so badly dinted because the suspension is so soft it most likely bottoms out on almost anything.


There was no carpet in the front and the carpet in the back is pretty fucked.


The headlights didn't work.


The indicators had been moved onto a homemade switch that was stickytaped to the steering wheel column.


Both of the window regulators were broken, so one window was stuck up and one down.


The engine hadn't been looked at for a very long time and from what he said hadn't been touched/molested which could be a good thing and could be a bad thing.


Rich gave the carby's a really good clean and adjusted the timing and did a thorough service and gave everything a once over and changed all the fluids, which whilst the car still feels tired, for the moment it made the car drivable, though still a little hard to start when cold.







First things first I decided to tackle everything that I'd need for roadworthy, so that I'm driving the car and thinking about it. (or 10 months goes past very quickly)


The first thing I decided to sort out was the frame rails. I was referred on to Scoota from another member on here and it happened to be good timing as he was in between two jobs, so I drove up to Ballarat and left the car with him for about a week and half and was so stoked on the work he managed to fit in. On the drive up to Ballarat the speedo cable snapped and the windscreen wipers stopped working on the freeway in the rain which was pretty full on.


Whilst my car was up there he replaced both the rails, fixed some holes in my floorpans, fixed my window regulators, the speedo cable and the headlights for a really good price and all the work looks really solid. Thanks mate!


I've now ordered sound deadener and carpets from http://www.all-car-carpets.com.au/


After that the next step is trying to fix the indicator stalk, which I've done some reading on here about.


Then hopefully roadworthy and then the longterm plans.....








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The indicator stalk has been well covered in a few threads on here. Before you go pulling it apart, try giving all the moving parts a good clean with an electrical contact cleaner (jaycar) also make sure the flasher can is OK.


Good Luck with the project





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sounds like you're doing the fun part of the build to me! all the problem solving and searching for more issue and solutions.

glad you got the frame rails sorted first thing but most definitely, as PB said, replace the flasher can. they're fairly inexpensive and tend to be the source of the issue. (was for me at least)

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