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Rear Number Plate Mount Modifications

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Has anyone modified the rear number plate bracket to better match the mounting points for Australian number plates?


I saw a reference in another post to drilling out the spot welds on the tags and moving them as well as using nutserts.

Can anyone share a photo of a modified number plate bracket?


I'm looking forward to the day when you can buy customised plates in Japanese- sized number plate so they fit imported cars.

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I'm looking forward to the day when the Australian number plate manufacturers provide slotted holes that will suit all car brands including Japanese & American.

I don't like having to re-drill holes in my own personalised plates.

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I've modified a spare  number plate mount to accept the Qld plate.
I drilled out the two tabs. moved them up and brazed them back on using a small piece of metal strip,.

Part of the reason for messing with them is to make room for a rear facing camera/ parking camera.
i'm planning on mounting this under the number plate.
I can clearly see the extra mounts to be drilled out for the top two screws on the number plate. Thanks Scoota
I have an original mount if I decide to get a Japanese style plate which I am told are due out soon in Qld.




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I'm intrigued by the rear camera concept.

My experience is that the front bumper and nose of bonnet are always the ones to suffer parking damage not the rear of the car.

Are you placing a camera on the front too??

Nice number plate mount though. ;)

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