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Recommendations For Spray Painters Eastern Vic

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Hi Guys


I starting to run out of time on my build and I are thinking I need to get a professional to lay down the paint.


I think I am capable, but getting wrong would cost me time I dont have, setting up a spray booth in my shed that reassembles a cocaine factory because of the amount of white power around - this would make setting up a sterile environment challenging to say the least.


I have herd that Bodycraft in Kilsyth Vic are OK


Does anyone have suggestions for a painter at a reasonable price it would be just for be just for paint I have done the body work? I want to try and stay to Eastern Suburbs in Melbourne Vic area if possible


Thanks in advance

Cheers AK



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Had a look and look good - but what are their contact details? Sounds dumb but google isn't helping...


Sent you a PM...

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