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Hello From The U.s.

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Hi everyone my name is Chris, I've lurked here for a while and just wanted to say Hi. I really like some of the info here and have read a lot of various members post with great interest.

As for me I'm 43, from rural Virginia, USA. I've been a bodyman/painter for most of my adult life. I currently work at a Restoration Shop where we mainly do Concours style restos on pre-war vehicles.  My first car was a 260Z which started my love of Z's. Had a very early Series 1 after the 260 but this was in the pre internet days so I really didn't know what I had at the time. Sold it so I could buy a 4x4 :-X .. Currently I have a one owner '73 that lived it's entire life in California. Most rust free Z I ever have seen.  I also have a rusty '71 that I bought on Ebay and got seriously taken. Live and learn I guess.

Anyways this is a really great forum and I hope to learn and help out in anyway I can.

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Welcome Chris


Looking forward to some commentary and direction from a "Beater" as we call Body Guys down under. Information and insight is king so dont go shy on us.


Which outfit do you work for State Side?


And last, post some pics of your 260 as from what I understand they are the rarest in the S30 series in the States.





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Welcome aboard Chris. As John has said it will be good to get some direction from someone who knows what they are doing and yes photos please.

Nice part of the US you live in. Are you near Richmond? We drank lots of beer in Virginia during the mid 80's....


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The only picture I have of the 260 was from my Prom Night 27 years ago. ;D I've got them somewhere, maybe I'll scan them and upload them but then you would have to not laugh at my very stylish 80's Mullet hair cut.... ^-^ 

Place I work is very small, just myself, the owner and a helper we are trying to train. It's a word of mouth type shop. No website social media etc. Owner is 72 and still going strong, we work on stuff other places don't want to touch. Auburns, Cords, pre WW1 Brass Era, we got a Stutz Bearcat in the shop now. Been fabricating a lot of panels for that. I'd love to post pics but that is something I'm not allowed to do. Owner is very much against that. It's interesting but those cars are not really my cup of tea. But it beats working in Collision Repair which is what I did for many years before transitioning to this.

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