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Hi All From Kent, Uk

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Hi all,


I though I should introduce myself, as I have just signed up to this forum. I am already a member of the excellent US Classic Z Car Club and Z Club UK forums, but having recently discovered this site and enjoyed reading several posts, it seemed only right to sign up here too.


I live in Tonbridge, Kent, UK, and work in London as a chartered surveyor. I have two boys who, at the time of posting, are 13 and 10. The youngest is really into all cars, not just classic Z's, but the eldest does not have the same passion for them (a bit like my brother and me when we were at school)!


I have always loved the aesthetics of the Datsun Z (along with the Datsun 330 260C/280C), and used to pop along to my local Datsun dealer after school to speak to the sales staff and collect brochures. I was brought up in Falmouth, Cornwall, and the local dealer was "Jennings of Falmouth". They were great and used to let me sit in the brand new cars and talk about them with the staff. Also, my parents had several Datsuns from Jennings, so I guess that is where the seed was sewn.


I have had my 306 silver 260Z coupe since 2001. That was before my children were born (pre-children = a bit of money to spare), so a two seater seemed the natural choice at the time. In 2001 I wasn't looking for a classic car, but one day I was simply browsing on the UK Autotrader site for classic cars. There were a couple of Z cars for sale, but the one I eventually purchased stood out. I casually mentioned it to my wife, not expecting much of a reaction, but she suggested we go and take a look. The following weekend we went to view the car and were both smitten! The vendor, who was the second owner, had purchased the Z at 13 months old and 13,000 miles from the original owner. 13,000 miles in the first year did not bode well for the 260Z, but the second owner had a company car, so used the Z sparingly. It also had pride of place in his garage, so was kept from the ravages of UK winters (and wet UK summers too). I was a bit hesitant, but it was my wife who persuaded me to buy it! The seller and his wife were really nice people and we still keep in touch every Christmas, when I update them on progress to the car (actually little progress to the car, more of a parts hoarding exercise at present).


My car is about as factory standard as possible, and I am keen to keep it that way. When I bought the Z, it had covered 59,000 miles (not km) from new, and now has 63,000 miles. Having been garage kept by the second owner and then by me, the condition is very good. Salt on UK roads in the winter did not help to keep most 1970's cars bodywork sound for very long, and many were scrapped because of corrosion issues.


I think my car would be similar to Australasia models, although it does not have air conditioning. Standard late model UK cars came equipped with factory aluminium wheels (in the US these are known as "black pearl" wheels) and front and rear spoilers (although most earlier UK cars had the spoilers too). I think the interior, too, would be similar, with the beautiful deep dished dashboard that still looks good to this day.


I have attached some historic images of my car, as it currently resides in a "Carcoon" storage chamber.  




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