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362 Dark Purple Metallic

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After many hours of searching I have finally found a photo of a zed (2+2) in factory 362 Dark Purple Metallic




It's in the background of the film "Who's that girl" shot in 1987. That would make this car around 10 years old and considering that the 362 had terrible fading issues etc. this would make sense that it looks like this in 1987 and that it wouldn't have been resprayed. I've tried a few different paint places and they have all been unable to come up with any information on the 362 Purple so I think I will buy this touch up bottle and see how close it is to below, take it to a paint shop and get it recreated.





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Have you tried Autolac, they may have it in the DeBeer brand. Other option is Spies Hecker, look up the distributors on their website. The pic doesn't look that close to it. Other option is Auto One, they were able to do 918 orange in acrylic from the code alone. You may be able to get a liter of it to see if you like it. If you do, I'd go clear over base for the car. Cheers

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